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public art sculpture

Stainless Steel Public Art Sculpture, Can Paint Any Car Color.

Mirror Sculpture

Stainless Steel Polish Finish Surface Sculpture, Generous, Modern.

Modern Corten Steel Garden Sculpture

Corten Steel Art Design Art Decor. Cold Patina Finish Rust Color.

Abstract Art Sculpture
Large City Sculpture
Indoor Ornament Statue
Furniture Art Decorate
Life Size Classical Statue
Public Art Sculpture
Garden Decor Sculpture
Large Letter Sculpture
Casting Bronze Sculpture
Aluminum Sculpture
Wrought Iron Gate
Art Iron Stairs

Hot Stainless Steel Sculptures

Call Aongking Stainless Steel Department for details. Stainless steel outdoor sculptures gathered many hot-selling designs of stainless steel sculptures. Believe that Aongking, attentively, and strive to do a good job in each stainless steel sculpture.

Garden Waterfall Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Fountain

Waterfall Stainless Steel Fountain

Modern Garden Stainless Steel Abstract Sculpture

Modern Stainless Steel Abstract Sculpture

homebase garden ornaments pumpkin

Ornaments Stainless Steel Pumpkin

Public Art Sculpture

With the continuous improvement of social and economic levels. Stainless Steel Sculpture public art has increasingly become an important form of urban cultural construction. Here we have many types of public art for you to choose from.

stainless steel outdoor abstract decor

Stainless Steel Outdoor Abstract Decor

stainless steel park art sculpture

Stainless Steel Park Art Sculpture

seaside stainless steel decoration sculpture

Seaside Stainless Steel Decoration Sculpture

large outdoor stainless steel horde headstainless steel sculpture for exhibition hall

Stainless Steel Sculpture For Exhibition Hall

Alfa Romeo Centenary Sculpture designed

Alfa Romeo Centenary Sculpture

wholesale metal art

Wholesale Metal Art


Customized Sculpture

Browse our wide selection of customized Stainless Steel sculptures. There are many modern sculptures to choose from, making your space more fashionable. Aongking has professional sculptors, and no matter what kind of sculpture you want we can customize it for you.

large stainless steel sculpture

Large Stainless Steel Sculpture

Handing couples metal sculpture
Dolphin Stainless steel sculptureStainless steel statue

Stainless Steel Statue

Stainless steel art Hollow sculpture

Stainless Steel Art Hollow Sculpture

Mirror stainless steel rock
Customized Sculpture >>

Corten Steel Sculpture

Browse our Corten Steel Sculpture has high appreciation value, and at the same time and very strong plasticity. Because, corten steel has the advantages of alkali resistance, acid resistance, and corrosion resistance, it is often used in outdoor sculpture production…

Stainless steel Wall decor

Stainless Steel Wall Decor

Geometry of the apple corten steel

Outdoor Art Metal Sculpture

Corten letter love sculptureModern Garden Art Rusty Decoration Craft Corten Steel Sculpture

Modern Rusty Corten Steel Sculpture

The dandelion Corten steel

Polish Colorful Metal Sculpture

More Metal Sculpture >>

Stainless Steel Sculpture Show

Aongking is the assembly-type stainless steel product technology development, design, application, material processing, and after-sales installation integration project, operator. The main business includes park stainless steel sculpture, municipal landmark sculpture, landscape decoration sculpture, stainless steel art, etc., the company strictly implements the SGS quality management system certification.

About Us

Aongking Stainless Steel Department is a professional CUSTOM MMADE sculpture and metal art decoration with our own designers and caster, which has fully experienced artisans in casting and sculpting metal sculptures. Stainless Steel Department is one of the five departments of Aongking, serving on the metal sculpture and iron garden decor wholesale.

Bronze & Iron & Aluminum Sculpture

Aongking is engaged in the service of stainless steel sculpture, aluminum sculpture, iron sculpture, cast copper sculpture, and other metal decorative design, production, and installation in one of the comprehensive enterprises. Welcome your inquiry.

Great news! You’re in the right place for stainless steel sculptures, shop by style, occasion, space, and more, and find the perfect one! By now you already know. Whatever you are looking for. You are sure to find it in on Aongking Stainless Steel Department. Whether you want to put an indoor or outdoor space, there’s always one for you.

Bronze dog statue

Bronze Dog Statue

bronze horse sculpture

Bronze Horse Sculpture

Bull head bust statue

Bull Head Bust Statue

As we all know, any paint finish is likely to bubble and peel, however, the beauty of stainless steel is that it does not rust and strongly resists attack by a great many liquids, gases, and chemicals. Stainless steel sculptures have more modern beauty. They can make the whole environment look more fashionable. Aongking Stainless Steel Department has many types of stainless steel sculptures, choose your favorite one and add beautiful color to your space.

Australian bull

Australian Bull

bronze angle sculpture

Bronze Angle Sculpture

mermaid fountain

Mermaid Fountain

Aongking also has many bronze statues. Bronze animal sculptures, bronze figure sculptures, bronze famous sculptures. Any classical bronze sculpture is the result of hard work. It is the true love of creating beautiful art for customers all over the world. Whether you put it indoors or outdoors, it will be the most attractive decoration.

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