Abstract Wire Sculpture

In the abstract steel sculpture decorating the garden, not only the solid abstract statue has a sense of existence. We have found a new abstract sculpture decor for your private environment. It combines the design concept of exquisite craftsmanship and lighting, that is, abstract wire stainless steel. sculpture. This design turns ordinary works of art into 3d abstract art sculpture. The stainless steel Abstract Wire Sculpture made by our Aongking factory has tried various types, such as abstract animal sculptures, large abstract sculptures and very distinctive non representational sculptures.

Aongking’s sculpture artists draw artistic inspiration from modern paintings. Abstract wire sculpture, as an independent modeling language, not only changes the structure and morphological characteristics of the sculpture, but also makes the sculpture art more creative and beautiful. The tall abstract sculpture has lines like clouds and flowing water. Chic and smooth. If lighting design is added to white abstract sculpture, these sculptures seem to be infused with romanticism. A running horse with a mesh design. A linear abstract wall sculpture like a maze, with all kinds of shapes.