color stainless steel sculpture

Aongking has 5 styles of finished surface on color stainless steel sculpture. Paint color, Plated color, Chroming color, (Mirror/Brush ) Silver color. Their characteristics and connections.

Aongking Color

Paint Color

Plated Color

Chroming Color

Mirror Silver Color

Brush Silver Color

Color Definition

Paint is a coating typically composed of pigments, solvents, and binders, used to cover or decorate the surface of objects. Plating is a process where a metal is coated onto another metal surface, often achieved by using an electric current in a vacuum. Chroming is a form of plating, often achieved by using a color in a water solution. Involves the application of a layer of chromium on an object’s surface to enhance gloss and protection. Chroming is a form of plating, involving the application of a layer of chromium on an object’s surface to enhance gloss and protection. Brush mirror, on the other hand, is a surface treatment method where an object undergoes brushing to create a textured and reflective surface.

Color Characteristics

Paint offers a wide range of color choices for altering the appearance of objects and protecting surfaces from environmental impact. It applies to various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Aongking has mature color-matching experts, matching colors are easy to customize. The price is reasonable. Scratches are also repaired. Plating can enhance the corrosion resistance, hardness, and appearance of objects. Common plating includes chrome, and nickel, providing a metallic finish to the surface. Chroming provides a highly reflective surface with a metallic luster, improving hardness and corrosion resistance. It is commonly used on automotive parts, household art sculpture items, and more. Color surface scratches are not easy to repair  Mirror-polished surfaces are extremely smooth with minimal flaws, capable of reflecting clear images. This treatment is often applied to high-end decorative items and optical equipment.  Brush mirror imparts a distinctive linear or brushed pattern to the surface, giving it a reflective quality. This process typically involves the use of abrasive brushes to create a brushed finish.

What are the requirements for the use of colors in sculpture?

Aongking color Art sculptrue stainless steel Designs

1. Consider the design of the color sculpture based on the actual installation location and color matching.

1-1: Take the kindergarten landscape sculpture as an example. One is that the school aims to attract children to visit the school with visual impact. The second is to explain the warmth and love that sculpture creates for the campus by the attractiveness of sculpture colors. For multi-interaction and contact sculptures like this, Aongking usually uses silver color and paint color.

1-2: Sculpture Posters, Sculpture murals, multi-interaction sculpture supplies, etc. In the school. The color of the kindergarten is always the first to attract the attention of children. Therefore, the visual impact of colors is sometimes more attractive than patterns. Aongking designers must first consider the effect of color when designing. Such as emerald green which represents youth. And a warm light yellow. . . In the specific application, we should pay more attention to the contrast of colors. Our artist’s color matching of sculptures. It will be considered that not the strongest contrast is the best. There are often some strong contrast colors. On the contrary, they will cancel each other’s visual appeal. Such as yellow with blue, purple, red with blue, green with red, purple, and so on. The children are psychologically unhappy when they give birth. When we apply color art to the surface of stainless steel sculptures. Need to find the visual effects of color.

Gold Mirror Sky Mirror

Gold Mirror Sky Mirror

indoor wall ornament sky mirror

Indoor Wall Ornament Sky Mirror

2. Aongking is making color sculptures.

In addition to considering the color matching of the actual location of the installation. More importantly, we must consider meeting the requirements and purpose of color matching. The artist Ang Jing recommends 5 classic sculpture color combinations that are common in daily life.

2-1 Gray + White: Classic

If you like simple and elegant European style, you can choose Gothic or Mediterranean furniture, and this simple style is bound to use black or gray as the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the gray that has been popular in recent years, and alleviating the visual conflict between black and white. This space is full of cool modern and futuristic sense, rational, orderly, and professional.

blue and silver abstract sculpture

2-2 Blue + Silver: Warmth

Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling. Jazz has a long history and is regarded as “blues” by people who are obsessed with it. It is not all sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, which really activates life and gives the kitchen life a sense of movement, and the blue tone helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, and the kitchen decorated with blue has a better effect. According to color psychology, looking at blue more will make you emotionally stable and thinking more rationally. The white coolness and flawlessness make people feel very free and open-minded. The room space seems to be as open and comfortable as the nature of the sea and the sky.

2-3 white + orange: modern

The white and orange-based color collocation expresses the intersection of modernity and tradition, ancient and modern, and collides with the visual experience of both reality and retro flavor. These two colors can give the space a new kind of life.

paint sculpture stainless steel of lollipop food model
Golden and green steel Apple art sculpture

2-4 golden yellow + green: natural

Goose yellow is a fresh and tender color, representing the joy of new life. Fruit green is a calming hue that can neutralize the lightness of yellow. This color-matching method is very suitable for young couples.

2-5 Pure color.

Such as pure silver. The most classic is the mirror-polished color of the stainless steel sculpture. Pure red. pure white. . . You can find other bronze color sculptures from Aongking.

blue sky mirror sculpture

Where is the Sky mirror color sculpture usually installed?

1. Different mirror colors (chroming / plated / polish color apply).

If your villa has an outdoor pasture or lawn, the mirrored sky mirror sculpture can be placed on the outdoor lawn. It is like a makeup mirror in the sky, sucking the landscape of the sky into it, and the blue sky and white clouds seem to look better than real the one that arrives is more beautiful. The purple sky mirror sculpture is placed in the garden, as a garden decor sculpture. Showing a mysterious and dreamy color at night; the blue sky mirror sculpture placed on the top floor, like a deep door for communicating with aliens; the red sky is the environment placed on the surface of the lake, blending pure and warm water with passionate red… Aongking note that the various mirror chroming colors are only applicable to monochrome or 2 coloring. More than 3 mixed colors are not suitable. If you need colorful color, using the plated color is better than the chroming color. Especially outdoors…

2. Different sizes.

large sky mirror (silver color) sculptures can be placed outdoors to absorb the natural scenery and the scenery between heaven and earth; smaller-sized sky mirror sculptures can be installed indoors, which exist in the living room, as an indoor ornament statue, which will be a bizarre artistic sense. For the surface treatment of large-size color sculptures, it is necessary to strictly consider their durability and ease of repair. So, chroming color and plated color are not suitable for large-size stainless steel. Especially chrome-plated surface treatment… As for the plated color surface not suitable for large sculptures, the high price and the vacuum degree of the workshop should be determined.

memorial sky sculpture

Outdoor Memorial Sky Mirror Sculpture

wall mirror color sculpture

Wall Decoration Mirror Color Sculpture

Interior design green sky mirror

Interior Design Green Sky Mirror Sculpture

3. Different installation Methods For Color Sculpture.

Color Sculpture can be supported by a sloping shelf and a base, allowing you to place it outdoors and show its beauty in a tilted manner. Color Sculpture can use a solid stainless steel pillar to stand the sculpture upright on the surface of the water or the lake; of course, more people customize it For indoor wall decoration. Aongking will install screw pendants on the wall, and then hang the sky mirror sculpture into the pendant groove. You can choose the size and color you like and place it on the wall behind the sofa in the living room, which is your simple home Add a sense of art.