stainless steel painted sculptures. Chromatic color sculptures

Stainless steel painted sculptures are a unique and Futuristic art form. Paint-finished chromatic color sculptures appearance are usually metallic and covered with a colored coating, which makes Chromatic sculptures look more lively and interesting. Producing Aongking’s stainless steel painted sculptures requires multiple processes, including design, proofing, processing, painting, and assembly. Each of these steps requires the virtuosity and patience of our artists and craftsmen to ensure that the final sculptures are beautiful and textured. We mainly use the automotive paint process to produce stainless steel chromatic sculpture surfaces. Our team has a professional color master, too. Aongking stainless steel painted sculptures It has a sense of modernity, fashion, and technology. These sculptures often have a sense of flow and change and can present different shapes and light and shadow effects with varying angles of viewing. In addition, stainless steel painted sculptures usually have bright colors, which can be single-color, multi-color, or gradient. We customize exclusively stainless steel painted sculptures for you to satisfy you. They can be used in interior decoration, urban landscape, public Contemporary art, and other fields, bringing people the enjoyment of Visual art and enlightenment of thought. Aongking has a variety of surface color treatments, not just surface paint colors. More surface color from Aongking.

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