Cooperation process to order a new stainless steel sculpture:

1 Sending sculpture pictures and negotiating details and offer price for customer
2 Sign the contract and pay the 50% deposit
3 Custom made sculpture drawings or 3D file for customization
4 Make stainless steel sculpture depends on drawings or 3D file (or depends on welding metal frame directly)
5 Confirm the sculpture and pay balance
6 Packing and shipping

got a sculpture from Aongking

Make stainless steel sculpture service process:

 1  First custom-made draft plan (A 3D design) depends on client ideas.

 2 Deepening and modifying the design.

First custom

3: Construction of stainless steel sculpture depends on drawings or frames.
3-1:Metal Structure production.
3-2:Steel plate production.
3-3:Welding steel plate together.

Construction stainless steel sculpture depends on drawings or frame (3d DESIGN)

4 Surface treatment of stainless steel sculpture (polish, paint, chroming, plated, or corrosion).

Surface treatment of stainless steel sculpture (polish, paint, chroming, plated or corrosion)

5 Transportation and installation of stainless steel sculpture.

Transportation and installation of stainless steel sculpture

6 Customer acceptance

7 Daily maintenance

Cooperation process of make a new stainless steel sculpture from Aongking

Starting the cooperation process of making a new stainless steel sculpture from Aongking Stainless Steel Team

  • Offer creative planning

Aongking custom-made stainless steel sculptures need consideration of creative planning, fashion, and innovation, beyond the professional perspective through various forms of expression of the brand culture and humanistic connotation for you…

  • Original design

Aongking custom-made stainless steel sculptures according to your ideas. At home and abroad inspired the creation of a professional sculpture design team original design.

  • Good structure

Aongking has designed and analysis of large-scale sculptural steel structures with Class A qualifications. Transformation of the original design, self-load, wind load, seismic load, and combination analysis to ensure the safety of sculpture structures.

  • Make Sculpture Craftsmanship

The rhyme of craftsmanship is not only in the ‘carving’ and ‘casting’. Aongking stainless steel team has a good forging manufacturing technique for modern stainless steel sculpture. “choosing a thing, one’s whole life, not for the prosperity of craftsmanship”. This kind of adherence to craftsmanship is an ancient inheritance. But also the foundation of our original gentle and honest.

  • Professional installation

Comprehensive construction and installation links of various types of work, reasonable arrangement of the construction sequence, maintaining balanced production, professional and accurate, and safely complete the sculpture construction and installation for you.

  • Renovation and restoration

Sculpture after a long time outdoor environment and other factors will appear cracking, damage, blackening, paint peeling, and other problems. Renovation and repair is the most direct way to deal with it. A professional construction team and supporting equipment make your sculpture take on a new look.

  • Field visits

Check on-site, issue survey reports, and cooperate with the overall implementation of the overall project from the artistic perspective.

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