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Use metal stainless steel as the material for public art sculpture creation. Created a series of public art sculptures that distinguish them from natural materials. Aongking combined ordinary gold-cutting elements. And then, through modern technology. Aongking can be transformed into a variety of shapes and forms of art. At Aongking Metal Web-Station, a display of each metal artwork. All bring the audience an artistic experience with beauty. These metal works of art are not just for viewing. Creating public art sculptures is also used for everyday decoration. The work is made of metal by forging or casting. Public art sculptures have a modern feel. At the same time, public art sculpture also embodies simple geometric beauty.

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Introducing Aongking breathtaking stainless steel collection of public art sculptures, where each piece is a unique masterpiece, blending welding techniques with distinctive artistic design styles. Our pride and joy, the stainless steel mirror sculptures, showcase an unprecedented visual feast through meticulous hand polishing or spray painting. Additionally, this page offers an immersive three-dimensional art experience through categorized displays, intertwining art seamlessly with reality.

The simple and elegant design and visual public art sculptures create enchanting spatial effects, adding a touch of mystery to the environment. Sculptures crafted from recycled stainless steel materials echo environmental consciousness, interpreting aesthetics uniquely and sustainably. Our interactive kinetic art and digital projection sculptures allow you to participate in the artistic creation, breaking down the traditional barriers between art and audience.

This collection also features abstract metal sculptures, geometric form sculptures, and conceptual sculptures, revealing Aongking artists’ unique interpretations of form, structure, and ideas… Fashionable futuristic public art pieces and the richly layered play of light and shadow make each of our works a striking feature in urban spaces.

Experience the power of art; choose distinctive public art sculptures that bring a unique charm to your space.