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Human design abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture

mirror stainless steel sculpture
Description: As far as the eye can see, there are abstract sculptures of men marching in neat rows, each with basic limbs, heads, and bodies. But it’s as good as a robot. They are sleek and technical. If such a sculpture were to be placed at the front desk of a tech company or in an air corridor of a city, it would be the focus of everyone’s attention. These abstract mirror stainless steel sculptures are all shining people, lining up to move forward. They are different from clothing mannequins. These abstract mirror stainless steel sculptures show not only a sense of modernity but also novel designs with material processing.
NO.: M-(Y33)
MATERIAL: Stainless steel #304/ #316.
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your preference.
TECHNOLOGY: Forging process.
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside, wooden cases/ iron box for outside.
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Abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture Details Description:

Differences between Chinese and Western abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture:

Chinese and Western sculptures express different styles. Western stainless steel abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture is mainly based on realism. Most of the naked sculptures use the human body as a representation tool, focusing on depicting the characteristics of the human body, aiming to simulate the human body, such as a big discus throw. Na Athena and other world-class classic human sculpture work. The main body of human sculptures in our country is to sculpt human figures, and the writing is mainly based on meticulous brushwork. They can see that the physical objects have energy characteristics other than appearance. The truthfulness that the predecessors molded in the artistic expression is the truthfulness that they feel. The image in Chinese aesthetics refers to the subjective plane, and the image refers to the objective image. Huaxia human sculptures value the description of clothing. The rough and delicate clothing will make people shine and at the same time marvel at the artistic manufacture of human sculptures by their predecessors. The abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture uses an abstract way to shape the human body. Therefore, it can be seen that China and the West are also very different in terms of artistic creation due to the influence of the civilization of the obtained gap. Since then, in the art of human sculpture, we should pay more attention to the manifestation of genius and energy of human sculpture. This ability has attracted more people’s attention and joy.

Large Modern Abstract Metal Human Figure Sculpture

Large Modern Abstract Metal Human Figure Sculpture

Abstract human abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture:

Abstract figure sculpture is commonly known as abstract figure stainless steel. Abstract figure stainless steel refers to non-figurative sculptures, which means that all sculptures are abstract sculptures except realistic sculptures. It is not a concrete figure sculpture. Outdoor abstract figure sculptures must be beautiful, with smooth lines and smooth block surfaces. They can also be abstract, also called intentions. abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture requires a little resemblance to a certain concrete object while simplifying deformation. Also show exaggerated beauty and inner meaning, such as abstract human body. The urban landscape abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture is a city eye, which has a strong sign of the times and has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Modern garden landscape sculpture is to create rich and enduring landscapes in a limited space to meet the aesthetic psychological needs of the viewers. The excellent sculpture art of ancient and modern China and abroad is a kind of cultural form, which can give people humanistic connotation and artistic influence. The performance theme of the garden landscape abstract mirror stainless steel sculpture is to beautify the environmental space to meet the needs of people’s psychological beauty. Therefore, most of the garden landscape sculptures we see now are abstract or semi-abstract works with decoration as the theme. The form highlights its craftsmanship and interest, making it an ornament in the green space.

modern abstract human body nude iron outdoor man

female body sculpture

female body sculpture

Custom More Stainless Steel Sculpture

stainless steel sculpture

Production Flow

1. Confirming the design (3D mold/ Pictures/ drawing/ photos).
2. Making exact structures or models according to drawing/ client’s photos/ 3D mold… Modify any details till confirmed.
3. Cover the stainless steel plate on existing structures or models.
4. Welding and polishing the surface.
5. Finished stainless steel sculpture and take all different views pictures/ videos show to clients…
6. Packing into wooden cases and shipping after clients are satisfied with stainless steel sculptures.

More detailed fabrication details of different styles

Stainless steel sculpture custom made

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Inside: soft plastic foam/ blanket.
Outside: strong wooden cases or iron frame boxes.
Shipping: 1. By sea (Special for life-size sculptures and large sculptures).
2. By air (Special for small sculptures or when clients need the sculpture very urgently).
3. By express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. (Door-to-door delivery, about 3-7 days can reach).
4. Door-to-door service.
Please kindly contact us! We will depend on your sculpture and local situation, find the best delivery way for your reference.

More shipping details

sculptures package

shipping sculpture

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