Free wrap-around pair of stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures

'Resonance' sculpture
Description: Set against a vast urban landscape, these two stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures are twin wonders of contemporary art. Stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures’ sleek metallic shapes reach to the sky, exuding a sense of dynamic energy and harmonious balance. The stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures together form a captivating image, a visual symphony that resonates with the rhythms of the modern world. Whether viewed from up close or from a distance, they are a testament to the power of art to inspire, uplift, and unite us in our shared human experience.
NO.: M-(AO318)
Product Schema: Preorder
MATERIAL: Stainless steel #304/ #316.
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your preference.
TECHNOLOGY: Forging process.
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside, wooden cases/ iron box for outside.

‘Resonance’ sculpture Details Description:

Location harmony:

Aptly named ‘Resonance’, the two stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures embrace each other in masterful harmony, each mirroring the form and energy of the other. These stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures stand in perfect symmetry, creating a sense of unity and balance within their surroundings. Facing each other at a slight angle, they seem to be engaged in a silent dialogue, their graceful curves echoing each other in an interconnected dance. This intentional placement promotes a sense of cohesion and resonance between the stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures, inviting viewers to explore the dynamic relationship between them and consider the deeper meaning of their shared presence.

'Resonance' sculpture

‘Resonance’ sculpture

metallic feel:

The surface of stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures exudes a mesmerizing metallic texture that attracts the eye and teases the senses. Made from high quality stainless steel, these stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures have a flawless finish that reflects their surroundings with pristine clarity. The smooth, shiny surface invites tactile exploration, inviting viewers to run their fingers over its cool metallic sheen. As light dances across the surfaces of the stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures, intricate patterns of highlights and shadows emerge, highlighting their dynamic silhouette and emphasizing their inherent elegance. This tactile and visual appeal adds an extra layer of depth to the stainless steel ‘Resonance’ sculptures, enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal and inviting the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the experience of encountering these captivating works of art.

stainless steel 'Enter the Void' islet sculpture

stainless steel ‘Enter the Void’ islet sculpture

Custom More Stainless Steel Sculpture

Production Flow

1. Confirming the design (3D mold/ Pictures/ drawing/ photos).
2. Making exact structures or models according to drawing/ client’s photos/ 3D mold… Modify any details till confirmed.
3. Cover the stainless steel plate on existing structures or models.
4. Welding and polishing the surface.
5. Finished stainless steel sculpture and take all different views pictures/ videos show to clients…
6. Packing into wooden cases and shipping after clients are satisfied with stainless steel sculptures.

More detailed fabrication details of different styles

Corten steel sculpture custom made

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Inside: soft plastic foam/ blanket.
Outside: strong wooden cases or iron frame boxes.
Shipping: 1. By sea (Special for life-size sculptures and large sculptures).
2. By air (Special for small sculptures or when clients need the sculpture very urgently).
3. By express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. (Door-to-door delivery, about 3-7 days can reach).
4. Door-to-door service.
Please kindly contact us! We will depend on your sculpture and local situation, find the best delivery way for your reference.

More shipping details

sculptures package

shipping sculpture

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