Must be many people in the childhood all have the existence of all kinds of cartoons, speaking of magic interesting cartoon character and full of sense of justice, that must be the popeye, he has his own stubborn philosophy of life, but in the seven seas of the voyage, his philosophy of life has been challenged, met a lot of people, many things happened, but as long as eat spinach, wave sent can become infinite strength big, uniforms, bad people. Popeye has comics, movies, cartoons, of course, a three-dimensional image, in the sculpture art world, there is a popular life-size classical statue—- stainless steel Popeye sculpture.

Who created the Popeye sculpture?

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear his name is "Metal Dog," the shiny guy who sold for $58.405m at Christie's. He is keen to use sculpture and everyday objects and other forms and media, through the image of small animals to express artistic attitude. It is beyond logic and imagination, but it is sweet and beautiful. One comment: he replaced the European tradition of aristocratic pomp with the gaudy beauty of ready-made goods." My work has no underlying meaning," he says. "It is what you see at first sight."Works, with their clever appearance, do not challenge the aesthetic taste or understanding of the rich and are suitable for the young and old while bringing the innocence and positive aesthetic mood of childlike fun.

Why is Popeye's sculpture so popular?

Popeye, the ultimate American hero, and self-made warrior remains a true icon in art history and popular culture." Despite his plain appearance, Popeye was determined, tough, brave, and resilient, the embodiment of the American dream at a time of hardship around the world, helping to advance the country's reputation and prestige. It's been 80 years, but the American cartoon hero is still a global sensation. At the beginning of the 21st century, the famous began to use Popeye in his works. Until 2009, when there was a new economic crisis, took the American cartoon star again in the form of a hero sculpture and made it an icon of the new century. Made of "mirror-polished stainless steel and a transparent color coating," the sculpture features a Hercules subject with proportionally powerful muscles and a slightly concave chin, creating a three-dimensional, life-size cartoon figure.

How custom made a Popeye Statue in Aongking?

The finished product of the Popeye sculpture looks beautiful and novel, and its production process is strictly and delicate. Because stainless steel has the advantages of corrosion resistance such as alkali resistance and acid resistance, it is very suitable for the production of cartoon outdoor sculptures. This Popeye sculpture is cold-made (forged production).
1- Before metal forging, the artist will first design a 1:1 Popeye clay touch tool.
2- After confirming the soil shape, proceed to overmold the Popeye Fiberglass model.
3- Make the stainless steel sculpture of Popeye the sailor according to the model made by Fiberglass.
1. After having the Fiberglass model. Press the appearance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic Popeye sculpture model. Split the stainless steel plate. And, each stainless steel plate will be numbered.
2. Then weld all the small pieces of stainless steel plates with number numbers to the outside of the Fiberglass model according to the FRP model.
3. After the welding is completed. The production of stainless steel sculptures is only half done. Its appearance is relatively rough. This is far from the mirror polishing effect in the usual impression. After the welding is completed, the semi-finished work needs to be polished. Talent is enough to present Popeye's finished product to us.
Polishing the core: Although, there are some power tools that can be used in the process of polishing. But it still takes a lot of time and labor to be more perfect.

Famous Popeye Sculpture For Decor

Famous Popeye Sculpture

This Popeye sculpture is full of novelty whether it is outdoor or indoor. It is a sculpture loved by all ages. It appears in front of the public in the most direct image. This sculpture is 1.55m high. If you want We can customize other sizes. Customize such a Popeye, let your heart be full of innocence and straightforwardness.