Art is inspired by nature. Inspiration and nature are fluid and full of vitality. Nowadays, a kind of special material sculpture has become a new trend in the sculpture world——corten sculpture. Corten sculpture has many categories: figures, animals, abstract graphics. . . However, when it comes to the category that resonates most with people, of course, it is corten sculptures that can show the inspiration of vitality. Artists get inspiration from nature and then apply the careful thought of hollowing out to corten sculpture, creating a vibrant and unique artwork for us, making corten hollow sculptures as a decorative landscape, and at the same time showing us the vigorous vitality.

Corten staal design

Corten Staal Design

Why has Corten sculpture become a new trend?

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, some foreign avant-garde artists used weathering steel for sculpture creation. Its color and texture are very strong, and its cold appearance blends with the surrounding environment, presenting a kind of industrial and modern art beauty. It is very rough and not smooth to the touch, and the texture is very special, but it is perfectly combined with plants in the contrast of roughness and delicate, cold and warm, soft and hard, condensed into a rich design context. Compared with ordinary steel, weathering steel will gradually corrode and age until it breaks after rusting. The emergence of weathering steel gives designers the opportunity to make full use of the corroded form of steel to express in plastic art creation.

garden corten bird statue

Garden Corten Bird Statue

Weathering steel sculptures will change over time. Its color is greatly affected by the environment and climate. After being placed for a long time, it will easily change from bright reddish-brown to dark blue-gray. With time aging, it makes the beautiful weathering steel unique The color and texture can reflect the unique artistic charm. The artistic sense of weathering steel sculpture is simply screaming…

What are the corten hollow sculptures that embody vitality?

Corten steel hollow leaf

Corten Steel Hollow Leaf

Corten steel design

Corten Steel Design

1. Plant hollow corten sculpture

Plants can be said to be the most common life species in nature. A seed breaks through the soil, a flower bone blooms into a flower cluster, a branch is covered with leaves, or a towering tree is a different life force inspiration. Pieces of corten leaf sculpture, are derived from different trees, their hollow, we can call it the veins, the veins on the corten leaf sculpture are vivid and clear, just like the blood vessels of the whole body flowing through the heart. We can design all kinds of leaf corten sculptures for you. There is also a tree corten hollow sculpture, where each branch is scattered, but the whole is connected together. Or do you like flowers? Hollow flower group sculptures, many small flowers form a group, of course, we also have dandelion hollow corten sculpture, the tenacity of plant vitality makes us feel in the form of hollow corten sculpture. . . .

2.Animal hollow corten sculpture

The reason why artists are great is that they put the humble little life in the form of sculpture to show us its greatness. For example, the vitality is inspired by the wings of small insects and is made into a large hollow wing corten sculpture. Its huge hollow vein makes us look at it through a microscope. It is these originally small wings, flapping hard to fly to a free place, is the wonderful life of small insects. There is also a hollow bird’s corten sculpture. They have different shapes and stand proudly. The hollow design makes them more three-dimensional and vivid. There is also a fighting bull hollow sculpture, which is huge and powerful, which is a manifestation of strong vitality. Corten hollow shows a unique beauty for these animals.

bull hollow corten statue

Bull Hollow Corten Statue

man corten sculpture

Man Corten Sculpture

3.Human hollow corten sculpture

The inspiration for vitality can also come from ourselves. Every corten hollow human sculpture also has a unique meaning that we want to show, such as the family corten hollow sculpture, which is the warmth of family and family, and it is the freeze-frame of the happy moments of the family. Or a hollow corten sculpture of a gentleman’s man, the hollow letters on the body are a commemoration of the character. The rusty charm of corten adds texture to the character. This character sculpture is more immortal after wind and rain, just like time, this person is greater in our hearts. . . .

What kind of decoration is suitable for Corten hollow sculpture?

1.Outdoor Corten hollow sculpture

Corten is a natural state of the material itself, which is in line with the principle of the authenticity of artistic expression, so corten has become a very popular material for modern landscape modeling art design. These hollow leaf corten sculptures, bird hollow corten sculptures, flower corten sculptures, etc. are very suitable for decorating lawns. The unique texture of rust and the green of the lawn form a contrast and blend of beauty. Even if there is no green scenery outdoors, these corten hollow sculptures will show us the vitality landscape.

flower ball corten statue

Flower Ball Corten Statue

2.Fountain Corten hollow sculpture

The sphere is a beautiful shape, leaf patterns, small flowers, or hollow animals can form a hollow corten fountain. We will have a dedicated base. It is placed on the water’s edge or on the water surface for you, and the water surface is no longer so monotonous in the form of a hollow spherical fountain. Sometimes we will add some lights to make this spherical hollow fountain shine at night according to the customer’s requirements. This beautiful sculpture passes through the hollow, revealing beautiful shadows around it. Imagine how beautiful it should be!

3.Corten hollow Privacy screen

We have a very common and popular privacy screen, which is a hollow pattern made on weathering steel. You can portray trees, flowers, birds, and natural scenery. The privacy screen can be placed by the pool at home to separate the indoor room. Or nailed to the wall. . All of these can make the interior full of the natural landscape, and the vitality can be felt indoors. These corten privacy screens combine roughness and delicateness, coldness and warmth, softness and hardness, and make people feel the vitality in a quiet atmosphere.

privacy screen tree

Privacy Screen Tree

The dandelion Corten steel

The Dandelion Corten Steel

rusted art hollow bird sculpture

Rusted Art Hollow Bird Sculpture