Where is the stainless steel pebble sculpture installed?

In the landscape design, in addition to the use of real park stone set, stainless steel pebble sculpture is also very common, because of the complex shape of the pebble, so the production of stainless steel pebbles is also more complex, mainly plastic, using foam to make a pebble model, more complex than making a figure. Pebble sculpture usually appears in the form of a mirror, and its unique artistic charm has made it more and more popular in modern times. Stainless steel pebble sculptures have also been installed in various locations.

mirror pebble sculptures

Mirror pebble sculptures

1. Garden Lawn Stainless steel Pebble sculpture

There are only flowers and plants in the garden, and the green on the lawn seems monotonous. At this time, a stainless steel sculpture is needed for decoration. We choose stainless steel pebble sculptures that combine modernity with natural flavors. Each piece has a shape of different sizes, matching with the lawn in the sun, shining with silver light.

2. Stainless steel Pebble sculpture for restaurant

The beauty formed by the contrast of art is always unique, in an antique restaurant, or a modern restaurant with magnificent splendor. If you design a unique stainless steel pebble sculpture on the wooden floor, it seems to bring nature into the room, making the dining atmosphere more pleasant. The mirror stainless steel material absorbs and reflects the light of the restaurant, creating a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere.

Pebble metal restaurant

Pebble Metal Restaurant

Pebble ornament for gallary

Pebble Ornament For Gallary

3. Pebble sculpture ornament for gallery

Most of the exhibition halls are works of art hanging on the wall, or three-dimensional sculptures, creations, and stainless steel cobblestone sculptures are novel in design and displayed in front of visitors in the form of installations on the ground. When visitors see it, they will be amazed by the innovation of the art museum and the beauty of the world.

4. Lakeside Stainless steel Pebble sculpture

We believe that most families with villas in the suburbs will have private small pastures. They usually eat and walk by the lake. A mirrored stainless steel pebble sculpture placed by the lake is a reflection of modern creativity and nature. The smooth surface of the cobblestone sculpture is like the softness of water. Children playing here will want to touch it, too.

stainless steel rock art

Pebble Sculpture Model Production Method

The foam stainless steel model is a modern method of making stainless steel sculpture models. The foam plastic is made of resin as the main raw material and has numerous micropores inside the plastic. Lightweight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shockproof, and corrosion resistance.
They are soft and hard. Widely used as insulation, sound insulation, packaging materials, vehicle hull, etc. Foam plastic microporous plastic whole contains numerous microporous plastic. Plastic with many tiny pores inside. It is made by either the mechanical method (foaming with air or carbon dioxide while mechanical stirring) or the chemical method (adding a foaming agent). On this date in 2021. It has been widely used in making sculptures.

stainless steel rock art
stainless steel rock art
stainless steel rock art
stainless steel rock art

Why use foam to make models of stainless steel Pebble sculptures?

1-1 quick modeling process via 3D so that it can be shaped in a short time one by one lively. Or, a cartoon or realistic bright stainless steel model image.
1-2 Reasonable prices. Can be based on 3D modeling. Create scenes of colorful original sculpture design scenes.
1-3 foam sculpture products have the advantages of a lightweight, short production cycle, and so on.
1-4 due to the stainless steel sculpture of the simple, generous model demand-driven.
1-5 in the process of making stainless steel. The use of foam models, can reduce the production process, and shorten the production time.

stainless steel sculpture of Foam model

So when we make a model of stainless steel sculpture, in what cases is it appropriate to use foam?

stainless steel Pebble sculpture for yard

Stainless Steel Pebble Sculpture For Yard

Although the foam model is widely used in the production of stainless steel sculptures. For example, exhibition places, outdoor advertising, commercial space layout, wedding layout, shopping malls, cultural squares, festival decoration, brand promotion visual image, Christmas settings, entertainment sets, film and television model props, courtyard landscape, and indoor and outdoor relief murals, and so on. Large crafts can also be customized on request. The theme park restaurant building, community landscape the decoration of the original building, and so on. Such a wide range of applications, but also has its point of existence. So, which stainless steel models are not suitable for foam? For example, 1-1 when multiple stainless steel sculptures need to be made using one model. 1-2 when using stainless steel to cast the sculpture.

What other rock designs for stainless steel sculptures?

1. Stainless steel Stacked Pebbles sculpture

This stainless steel stacked pebble sculpture is very suitable for placing in the corner of a family room as decoration. Each of its small stones has geometric edges and corners, all emit a golden luster, stacked in the corner of the room, which is really a good idea. It will add a refined atmosphere to your home.

Stacked Pebbles stainless steel sculpture

Stacked Pebbles Stainless Steel Sculpture

2. Large geometric stainless steel rock sculpture

A modern sculpture that has been very popular recently. The combination of geometric patterns and sculptural art is used in garden design to create this geometric stone sculpture. Every cut surface is flat and smooth, and the mirror surface treatment makes it look like a natural stone. The mirror reflects the beautiful scenery around. You can choose the style you like and we will customize it for you.

lawn large rock stainless steel

Lawn Large Rock Stainless Steel

Outdoor large rock for lawn

Outdoor Large Rock For Lawn

3. Natural modern art Stacked rock sculpture

This long and curved sculpture is a stack of many irregular stones, following the most natural design, like a landscape that has been accumulated in nature after many years of drying. The stainless steel material makes it more modern and artistic. Such a great artistic design, whether standing on the lawn or receiving the light of the sunset by the sea, will show you the charm of Pebbles’s sculpture.