Artworks must “break away from the nature of the work, and make it have a relationship with space, light, and the audience’s vision.” With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people have begun to pursue artistic life, and the minimalist style sculpture in modern sculpture art is more and more emerging. These high-level sculptures combine minimalism and color to show the audience a visual effect of value and beauty. Recently, a stainless steel sculpture is very popular—sky mirror stainless steel sculpture. From sky mirror sculpture, we analyze the application of minimalism and color in sculpture.

sky mirror large indoor

Large Indoor Sky Mirror sculpture

Why are minimalist sculptures popular?

Minimalism, also known as minimal art. He is an art category developed on the basis of structuralist sculpture. Often use the right angles, planes, round faces, cubes, and other forms of geometric figures to pursue the shaping art of form creation. Abandon any specific content, reflections, and associations, and only make intuitive personal creative expressions.
Minimalism focuses on the relationship between the work and the exhibition space, and the development of the material itself. However, this sky mirror sculpture is not like the most classic minimalist, which loves to use straight lines, cubes or triangles, and other “stable” and “sharp” shapes, but uses simple shapes and circles, and uses bright colors and mirror materials. Give people an ethereal, changeable, and invisible visual impact. The love and absorption of minimalism in this stainless steel Sky mirror sculpture are obvious. At the same time, the large size is used to create a fascinating atmosphere, which fully reflects the creative spiritual space pursued by minimalism and the intention of communicating with the space in the work.

large sky mirror
anish kapoor sky mirror purple

Anish Kapoor Sky Mirror Purple

finished red mirror sky sculpture

Finished Red Mirror Sky Sculpture

red water sky mirror
blue anish kapoor sky mirror

Blue Anish Kapoor Sky Mirror

Minimalist sculptures explore the autonomy and essence of objects and their creation of space, pursuing a supernatural display without layers. Advocating mechanical processing, deliberately pursuing the smoothness and flatness of the sculpture surface. Efforts to remove the traces of manual processing and highlight the characteristics of industrial production. Moreover, the removal of the outer foil of the traditional sculpture is only to enhance the connection between the work and the environmental space.

Application of Color Vision in Sculpture

Color is not exclusive to the unique expression language of a certain art category. For example, painting is an art of creation in a two-dimensional space through points, lines, surfaces, plus color and other factors. However, the sculpture is the art of three-dimensional space. Sculpture not only needs to have artistic requirements for the shape of the work. There are also certain requirements for the concept of space. In addition, it is necessary to have a certain grasp of color.
The sky mirror sculpture is full of powerful spiritual power and mysterious resonance, creating a shining light from the inside out. It is because of its use of color while emphasizing the senses in the sculpture. This extraordinary work attracts the audience visually and psychologically with its huge colors and saturated colors.

more sky mirror

More Sky Mirror

Appreciate the ethereal visual impact brought to people by minimalist sculpture, and the connection between sculpture and space. The sky mirror sculpture also makes us feel the visual enjoyment that color brings to people. The art of color is not only embodied in this sculpture. In the next article, we will continue to talk about the use of color in sculpture.