Installation and cleaning of Large stainless steel sculptures

combination sculpture1 Installation and cleaning of Large stainless steel sculptures

Aongking artists have forged many very aesthetic large stainless steel sculptures according to the needs of customers, put them in some public and private environments, and received good feedback. I hope more people can learn about the installation and cleaning of large stainless steel sculptures. Large stainless steel sculptures can attract people’s attention, become a landmark landscape in cities or public spaces, and increase the artistic and cultural atmosphere of cities or public spaces. This kind of sculpture has a unique image and beautiful shape, which gives people a visual impact and stimulates people’s interest and curiosity. Large stainless steel sculptures can shape the image and style of a city or public space. It can be integrated into the environment and atmosphere of the city or public space to form a unique urban culture and style. Large stainless steel sculptures can also improve the spatial layout and visual effects of cities or public spaces. A good aesthetic large stainless steel sculpture can be used as a part of the landscape element and blend with the surrounding environment to create a comfortable and pleasant space atmosphere. At the same time, it can also form a contrast and complement the surrounding buildings, greening, and other landscape elements, increasing the layering and interest of the space.

city center sculpture Installation

How to install a Large-scale stainless steel sculpture?

1. Determine the installation location: Before installing the sculpture, determine its final location. This location should take into account the size, shape, visual effect of the sculpture, and safety of the surrounding environment.

2. Foundation preparation: According to the size and weight of the sculpture, determine the required depth and size of the foundation. The foundation must be strong enough to withstand the weight and torque of the sculpture and to remain smooth and stable. The foundation depth should usually exceed the freeze line to prevent the ground from freezing or moving.

3. Transportation and lifting: Large stainless steel sculptures usually require special lifting equipment for transportation and installation. Traffic restrictions, such as bridge height, road width, and curve radius, need to be considered, and professional logistics companies and equipment, such as cranes and forklifts, should be used to ensure the safe and smooth transportation of sculptures. Large sculptures that can be displayed are installed on-site.

Stainless steel LARGE TREE Installation

Quyang city, China

large mid century architectural sculpture in stainless steel
life scene large metal sculptures

4. Installation: When installing the sculpture on the foundation, it is necessary to use lifting equipment for height adjustment until it reaches the desired height and position. During the installation process, you need to use a spirit level and other measuring tools to ensure that the sculpture is level and vertical. Depending on the type and size of the foundation, different types of fixing devices such as expansion bolts or welding can be used.

5. Fixing and connection: After the sculpture is installed, it needs to be fixed on the foundation with bolts and anchors. Also, you need to make sure that all connections and welds are solid and secure to ensure that the sculpture does not move or get damaged in any way.

6. Inspection and testing: After the installation is completed, inspection and testing are required to ensure the stability and safety of the sculpture. All attachment and fixing points need to be checked to make sure they are secure. It is also necessary to test the performance of the sculpture in natural environments such as wind and rain to ensure its stability and durability. Clean up the site, including cleaning up litter and residue generated during installation.

In general, the installation of large stainless steel sculptures requires experienced professionals to complete and requires careful consideration and planning. It is important to ensure safety and stability to ensure that the sculpture will last for years to come. Protect the integrity of the sculpture and ensure the end result is as expected


Where are Large-scale stainless steel sculptures often placed?

Parks and gardens: Parks and gardens are common places to place Large-scale stainless steel sculptures, which can increase the ornamental and artistic quality of green spaces.

Squares and streets: Squares and streets are also common placements for large stainless steel sculptures, which can become city landmarks and iconic buildings.

Government buildings: Government buildings, such as city halls, police stations, fire stations, etc., are also common placement places for Large-scale stainless steel sculptures, which can reflect the cultural heritage and public image of the government.

Museums and art centers: Museums and art centers usually also house Large-scale stainless steel sculptures to showcase art and culture.

Business districts and shopping malls: Business districts and shopping malls are also common placement places for Large-scale stainless steel sculptures, which can attract tourists and consumers and improve the attractiveness of business districts.

square large sculpture

Maintenance and care of Large-scale stainless steel sculptures:

Large-scale stainless steel sculptures are usually located in public areas or in front of public buildings and are often affected by a large number of people and environmental pollution, so they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain their good appearance and function. If you need follow-up maintenance, we at Aongking can also provide you with comprehensive services. Here are some common cleaning and maintenance methods from Aongking experience:

Cleaning the surface: Clean the stainless steel surface regularly with tools such as detergent and a soft brush. For stubborn dirt, you can use acid cleaners, but you need to pay attention to use safety.

Eliminate Scratches and Scuffs: For deeper scratches and scuffs, stainless steel restorer and abrasive machinery can be used to repair them.

Anti-rust treatment: If there is rust on the stainless steel surface, special cleaners and tools can be used to clean it, and an anti-rust agent can be used to prevent it from rusting again.

Check the fixing parts: Regularly check whether the fixing parts of the stainless steel sculpture are fastened, and deal with the places that need to be re-fastened in time to prevent the sculpture from collapsing or being damaged due to looseness.

Maintenance: Use lubricants and maintenance agents regularly to maintain the good condition and life of the stainless steel sculpture.

The maintenance of stainless steel sculptures requires professionals to operate, especially the use of special cleaning agents and tools. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners and managers of sculptures cooperate with professional cleaning and maintenance companies to ensure that stainless steel sculptures are effectively cleaned and maintained.

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abstract sculpture install
giraffe metal sculptures

Aongking’s whole process from design to manufacturing and installation, our factory will produce sculptures that meet the requirements of customers according to their needs and requirements.

Our services have many advantages:

1. Professional manufacturing technology: The sculpture manufacturing factory has professional manufacturing technology and experience, and can produce high-quality sculpture works according to customer requirements.

2. Customized service: The factory-customized large stainless steel sculpture service is a customized service, that can be designed and produced according to the needs and requirements of customers so that the sculpture works can better meet the expectations and requirements of customers.

3. High-quality materials and workmanship: The materials and workmanship used in the factory’s customized large-scale stainless steel sculpture service have been professionally certified and tested, and have high quality and reliability.

4. Safe and reliable installation service: The factory’s customized large-scale stainless steel sculpture service also includes installation service. The factory will send professional installers to carry out the on-site installation to ensure the safety and reliability of the sculpture works.