What stainless steel sculpture of animals is trending in 2021?

The expression of abstract geometric style in decorative sculpture is a common modeling technique in modern sculpture. Abstract geometry is a mathematical and stylized modeling language with rational beauty. Its agile and changing modeling can be organically combined with modern architecture and the environment. The modern sculpture pays attention to the expression of new materials and new forms, which has opened up a broad world for abstract geometric modeling. Abstract geometric expression is a very modern modeling method. As a result, there are many excellent abstract art Sculptures
AongKing Sculpture Company believes that in the fashion trend of 2021. The main ranking is the geometric animal stainless steel sculpture. The animal sculptures with stainless steel geometric shapes conform to the simplicity and elegance of the stainless steel material itself, with an obvious body and strong light and shadow effects. It also conforms to the popular art theme-animals. Therefore, here is one of the top ten popular geometric elephant sculptures.

Many applications of geometric animal stainless steel sculpture

geometric dog for door

Geometric Dog For Door

1. Street Geometric animal stainless steel sculpture.

Geometric animal stainless steel sculptures are vivid sculptures among metal art sculptures. It is a bright landscape in the city. With the progress of society, more and more stainless steel animal sculptures appear on the streets, parks, and other places, adding a lot of fun to people’s lives and increasing the artistic atmosphere of the entire city. The forging of stainless steel animal sculptures is mainly purely hand-made, and the producer can make full use of the extensibility of the metal material in the process of forging and hammering, and flexibly display the ability of artistic creation. There are always many emotions between humans and animals. Artists have created many animal images, which have become popular sculpture images. Geometric stainless steel animal sculptures make the environment more peaceful, natural and vivid and enrich the artistic interest of the garden.

2. Stainless steel sculptures in modern exhibition halls.

The geometric stainless steel sculpture in the modern exhibition hall is an abstract art that does not aim at depicting concrete objects. It forms animal sculptures through the combination of points, lines, surfaces, bodies, and basic geometric shapes. Geometric animal stainless steel sculpture conveys various emotions and stimulates people’s imagination. And, thinking… The integration of these geometric modeling elements into animals can give people different aesthetic feelings. The expansion and contraction of dots, the calm and openness of straight lines, the dynamic and softness of curves, the stability of regular triangles and the fullness of circles, etc. Can make people produce different things. Visual perception and psychological reaction.

Why stainless steel materials are popular?

1. Stainless steel materials already possess many ideal properties required by building materials. Stainless steel is arguably the most popular in the manufacture of sculptures.

2. The development of stainless steel material itself continues. People nowadays want to improve the performance of stainless steel materials in traditional applications. We are always improving the types of existing stainless steel materials. Moreover, in order to meet the strict requirements of advanced construction applications. We are also developing new types of stainless steel. Therefore, stainless steel sculptures are constantly improving and perfecting.

3. Today, stainless steel has become the main choice of architects and artists. Therefore, stainless steel sculpture and other products made from it. The same will be standardized and applied to modern decoration elements. For example Urban decoration geometric animal stainless steel sculpture…

4. Stainless steel sculpture is an important element of the urban environmental landscape, which plays the role of embellishment and finishing touch. Stainless steel sculpture effects are widely used, including stainless steel city sculptures, stainless steel landscape sculptures, stainless steel square sculptures, and stainless steel garden sculptures. The stainless steel sculpture is a new type of sculpture developed on the basis of traditional stone carving. Because of its unique characteristics of being bright, lively, not easily polluted, and consistent with modern urban life, it has gradually been accepted by the public. In conclusion the fashion trends of geometric animal stainless steel sculpture in materials.

Reasons for the popularity of animal sculptures

1.  The sculpture is made to allow more people or ideas to communicate and resonate. Therefore, choose a theme that most people can easily accept to express. Animals happen to be the source of this theme. There are many kinds of animals. It is closely related to people’s lives. Therefore, animal-themed sculptures are appropriate and popular.

wall decoration fox stainless steel geometric
blue stainless steel gorilla

2. The geometric animal sculptures conform to the concise production of stainless steel from the time they were produced. It also conforms to the color characteristics of stainless steel. In addition, abstract geometrical animals can give artists more room for development. In terms of popular pursuit and purchase, Aongking is more certain that abstract stainless steel sculptures with geometric bodies are a popular trend.

Geometric animal stainless steel sculpture art uses stainless steel materials, which can establish a kind of ‘communication’ for people’s hearts through visual induction. That is to play a beautifying decorative effect for the building and the surrounding environment. It also reflects the decorated buildings and spaces. It has the artistic value of advancing with the times.

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