corten steel animal statues

Aongking presents Corten Steel Animal Statues in various shapes and styles, integrating various technologies and design concepts such as geometric surfaces, realistic presentation, hollow laser cutting, cardboard sculptures, and segmented sculptures. These Corten Steel Animal Statues attract attention for their unique material, exquisite craftsmanship, and diverse expressions. Some Corten Steel Animal Statues are designed with geometric forms and structures, reducing the animal figure to a combination of geometric figures. It is also famous for its realistic animal images and detailed carvings. Utilizing the material properties of Corten steel and highly precise craftsmanship, the animal image is highly restored and realistic.

Corten Steel Animal Statues with some cartoon characteristics use laser cutting technology to cut animal figures into delicate hollow structures. Through the penetration and projection of light, a unique light and shadow effect is created, which enhances the visual impact and artistic expression of the sculpture. There are also cardboard Corten Steel Animal Statues with handmade characteristics and sliced Corten Steel Animal Statue with mosaic characteristics. . . The Corten Steel Animal Statues series is not only decorative, but also integrates a variety of materials, technologies, and design concepts, presenting a rich and colorful form of artistic expression. Welcome to choose the style that best suits your preference.

garden corten bird statue

Laser Cutting corten steel bird statue

The professional sculpture techniques involved in creating Corten steel animal sculptures