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Garden ornament mirror polished animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn

animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn
Description: Pandas are our national treasures in China. Their round bodies make our hearts melt so cute. This animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn is also a very new type of creative decoration. On lawns, this animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn has a polished finish. This panda has short limbs and is very cute lying on the lawn. Although animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn has no specific facial features. But the smooth lines are smooth and very cute. The animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn of these animals is perfect for anyone to customize, not only for children but also for adults.
NO.: M-(LY182)
MATERIAL: Stainless steel #304/ #316.
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your preference.
TECHNOLOGY: Forging process.
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside, wooden cases/ iron box for outside.
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Animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn Details Description:

animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn makes the park more lively and interesting. Speaking of parks, we all have to take a walk in the park after leisure. In addition to the natural landscapes such as tranquility, comfort, birds and flowers, there are also artificial landscapes in the park. Nowadays, more and more park constructions generally add some man-made elements. This is not only in line with people’s aesthetic concepts but also to make the park have more places for everyone to linger. Among them, the most popular one is the animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn that is just right in the park. Before we humans were born, there were already animals, and over time, animals lived in peace with humans, so people gave meaning and emotion to some animals. No matter in ancient times or in modern times, when people make animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn, they will also integrate their emotions into the sculpture image, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

stainless steel animal rhino

stainless steel animal rhino

animal dog stainless steel

animal dog stainless steel

The second is the practicality of animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn. The practicality of animal stainless steel sculpture is naturally unnecessary. It is placed at the door of the house with the meaning of blessing, and some of it is the meaning of helping the money to roll into the door. It is placed in the square. The above also has its special meaning, and its practicality is recognized by people. The third is the conveyance of an animal stainless steel bull, which conveys various meanings, such as the sculpture of mother and child, which has the meaning of deep love between mother and child. The unicorn sculpture has the meaning of auspiciousness, peace, and wealth. Finally, the artistry of animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn. The art of sculpture has experienced thousands of generations from ancient times to the present, and the art appreciated by each generation has changed, so what is the artistry of animal stainless steel sculpture? As for the form, especially the animal stainless steel sculpture, how to express its inner impulse and demeanor, pay attention to the vividness of the shape, the animal sculpture panda stainless for lawn expresses a high degree of image beauty with the concise animal sculpture language.

garden stainless steel animal lion sculpture outdoor

garden stainless steel animal lion sculpture outdoor

animal garden ornaments

animal garden ornaments

Custom More Stainless Steel Sculpture

stainless steel sculpture1

stainless steel sculpture2

Production Flow

1. Confirming the design (3D mold/ Pictures/ drawing/ photos).
2. Making exact structures or models according to drawing/ client’s photos/ 3D mold… Modify any details till confirmed.
3. Cover the stainless steel plate on existing structures or models.
4. Welding and polishing the surface.
5. Finished stainless steel sculpture and take all different views pictures/ videos show to clients…
6. Packing into wooden cases and shipping after clients are satisfied with stainless steel sculptures.

More detailed fabrication details of different styles

stainless steel sculpture production process

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Inside: soft plastic foam/ blanket.
Outside: strong wooden cases or iron frame boxes.
Shipping: 1. By sea (Special for life-size sculptures and large sculptures).
2. By air (Special for small sculptures or when clients need the sculpture very urgently).
3. By express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. (Door-to-door delivery, about 3-7 days can reach).
4. Door-to-door service.
Please kindly contact us! We will depend on your sculpture and local situation, find the best delivery way for your reference.

More shipping details

sculptures package

shipping sculpture

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