Avant-garde gold capillaries in stainless steel ‘Tight-lipped smile’ progressive sculpture

'Tight-lipped smile' progressive sculpture

Expenditure: USD$8600
MATERIALS: Stainless steel #304/ #316.
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depending on your preference.
TECHNOLOGY: Forging process.
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside, wooden cases/ iron box for outside.
CUSTOMIZATION: Graphic /logo

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‘Tight-lipped smile’ progressive sculpture Details Description:

The use of stainless steel provides a strong and durable foundation, while the inclusion of gold capillaries adds a layer of luxury and sophistication. These capillaries meander and interweave across the stainless steel surface, creating a visual contrast and accentuating the subtlety of the facial expression. The reflective properties of stainless steel enhance the look of the stainless steel ‘Tight-lipped smile’ progressive sculpture, allowing it to dynamically interact with ambient light, creating fascinating shadow and highlight effects.

The stainless steel ‘Tight-lipped smile’ progressive sculpture symbolizes the nuances of human emotion and communication. The tight-lipped smile is a subtle facial expression, often associated with restrained or hidden emotions, which is captured in a progressive and abstract form. The inclusion of gold capillaries suggests a sense of energy and life, enhancing the visual appeal of the stainless steel ‘Tight-lipped smile’ progressive sculpture and reinforcing its modern aesthetic.

'Tight-lipped smile' progressive sculpture

‘Tight-lipped smile’ progressive sculpture